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USG First Year Seminar Workshop

May 2019
Georgia Tech Conference Center

As a follow up to the discussion of first year seminars at the Momentum Summit, institutions from across the System indicated an interest in exploring this aspect of the transition to college more fully.  The USG is inviting institutions to send teams to a System Workshop on the First Year Seminar at the Georgia Tech Conference Center on Monday, May 13, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

This workshop is being developed as an opportunity to learn more about best and promising practices with these courses and share experiences and challenges with peers from across the state. 

2019 Mindset Summit

April 2019
Jekyll Island Convention Center

The 2019 Mindset Summit will be held on Friday, April 26, at the Jekyll Island Convention Center (map) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The Summit will provide an opportunity to review what we have learned about students' in the USG and begin to investigate next steps in developing activities to support students productive academic mindsets. 

Spring 2019 Regional Corequisite Academies

April 2019
University of North Georgia (April 5) & Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College (April 12)

For Spring 2019, the University System of Georgia is hosting Spring Corequisite Academies in two regional sites to facilitate broader faculty participation and reduce the distance teams will need to travel to participate.  Both Academies will feature similar programming and opportunities for interaction with peers.  Participants are welcome to participate in either (or both) academies, but total participation is capped at 75 for each academy and you are encouraged to choose the location closest to you.   

Momentum Summit II

February 2019 to March 2019
Crowne Plaza Southwest Atlanta (Peachtree City)

Building on the experience and successes of the past year, the Summit will provide institutional teams with an opportunity to reflect upon their Momentum Year plans and the work they have accomplished to date and identify what remains to be done in order to fully implement a Momentum Year on their campuses by Fall 2019. Additionally, the Summit is an opportunity for institutions to think more deeply about how the Momentum Year integrates across the breadth of a student’s experience in college.  Participants will work through a series of engaging and creative exercises to develop personal plans for action that will inform campus-wide implementation plans.

2018 Fall Corequisite Academy

October 2018
Gordon State College

The 2018 Fall Corequisite Academy will take place on October 12 from 10 am to 4 pm at Gordon State College in Barnesville.  The Academy will provide an opportunity for institutional teams to continue to learn from one another on the pedagogies, structure, supports, and practices that support excellence in corequisite Learning Support.  The Academy will include general sessions in the morning and English and mathematics tracks in the afternoon to address subject-matter specific challenges.  

2018 Advising Academy

September 2018
Evergreen Conference Center, Stone Mountain

The University System will convene the 2018 Advising Academy at the Atlanta Evergreen Conference Resort at Stone Mountain Park on September 20-21.  This year’s Advising Academy will focus on supporting successful student transition to college, investigating the ways institutions serve a diverse group as they navigate the steps from application through the completion of their Momentum Year.  This broader scope is intended to encourage a conversation about the numerous transition points students encounter and how to best manage them in order to support their success in the institution.

2018 Mindset Summit

May 2018
Academy of Medicine

Building a productive academic mindset is a key component of the USG Momentum Year (  The Academic Mindset Summit is the focal event for our shared work in this area and will include presentations and discussions on a range of topics, including the results of the initial administration of the USG Getting to Know Our Students Survey, essential practices for mindset initiatives, and areas of opportunity for early work and engagement. 

Institutions are encouraged to send teams of five memebers to this event, including Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Vice Presidents for Student Affairs, and leaders in Advising, Centers for Teaching and Learning, and Student Success. The summit is tentatively scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m., and conclude by 4:00 p.m.  

Preliminary Agenda

Spring 2018 Learning Support Academy

March 2018
Clayton State University

Following on last Fall’s two-day Learning Support Academy, the 2018 Spring Learning Support Academy, held at Clayton State University’s Student Activities Center on Friday, March 23, will continue the sharing of experiences and proven practices with corequisite remediation among faculty and staff across the system. Institutional teams are invited to come together to investigate the pedagogies, technology, academic support, advising, high impact practices and logistics of corequisite delivery. The Academy will include general sessions in the morning and English and mathematics tracks in the afternoon to address subject-matter specific challenges.

2018 Momentum Summit

February 2018
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

For several months, the Office of Academic Affairs and Policy has worked to convene faculty and staff from across all USG institutions to introduce the Momentum Year and initiate a statewide discussion about student success in the first academic year. From these initial conversations, the University System of Georgia will work with institution leadership during spring 2018 to implement strategies that support all incoming students to:

2017 Advising Academy

November 2017

The Complete College Georgia Advising Academy is the first of a series of discussions with faculty and staff focusing on the connection of large-scale initiatives across the system to promote student success in the first academic year. The theme of the conference series is Momentum Year--a starting point that helps students find their path, get on that path, and build velocity in the direction of their goals as they begin their college career. These first-year elements include: