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2021 USG Advising Academy

2021 USG Advising Academy

September 23, 2021

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The 2021 USG Advising Academy will be held virtually on Thursday, September 23, from 9:00 am to noon. Focused on reinforcing an integrated Momentum Approach to the transition to college success, the 2021 Advising Academy convenes campus leaders in advising, enrollment management, and orientation and transition to discuss progress, practices and challenges in supporting students from the inquiry stage through to their transition to careers, professions, or academia. A separate Zoom registration is required for the meeting link.

The University System will convene the 2021 Advising Academy virtually on September 23, from 9:00 am to noon. This year's Advising Academy aligns with campus Momentum Work with discussions of Pathways, Purpose, and Mindset and how the process of transition to college can reinforce these pillars in an integrated way. This Academy will also be a checkpoint for what has been learned during the Pandemic and how we can use these lessons to accelerate and amplify student success. 

A different kind of event...
If we've learned anything from the past 18 months, it's how to make good use technology and our time together. Respecting this, a significant part of the Academy will be given over to participant dialogue and small group discussions. Your active participation will be critical to the success of the Academy. We'll be providing resources in advance of the Academy to facilitate and support these conversations.

The Advising Academy is structured as a flipped event, meaning that the presentations and resource materials will be available for review in advance of the event. On the day of the Academy, the time in the sessions will be spent reflecting on and responding to the materials. To be successful, we need a diversity of materials for the Academy. We invite you to to provide your insights, experience, and expertise. Presentations and Resources should align with one of four areas:

  • Putting Purpose First
  • Building Mindset
  • Building Pathways that work
  • Strategic Structure and Alignment of Resources

Please review the descriptions of the tracks available here to see how your work aligns with these the conversations.This broader scope is intended to encourage a conversation about the numerous transition points students encounter and how to best manage them in order to support their success in the institution. The Academy will be an opportunity for reflection on and plan for improvements to the way students encounter your campus. Recommended participants should include leadership and front-line faculty and staff from:

  • Advising,
  • Enrollment Management,
  • Orientation/Transitional Studies,
  • First-Year programs,
  • Registrar,
  • Career Counseling/Career Services,
  • Academic Affairs,
  • Student Affairs,
  • Other faculty or front-line staff with responsibilities for transition activities.

Call for Presentations/Resources

The Academy depends on you. The Momentum Team is assembling some resource materials and presentations for this event, and we invite you to provide your insights, experience, and expertise. Please review the descriptions of the tracks to see how your work can support the conversation.

We are seeking brief (>15 minute) pre-recorded remarks, presentations or reports/papers to serve as the background for the discussions in the rooms with the presenters or authors serving as resources and respondents during the Academy. These do not need to be formal presenatations, but can be brief overviews of your work and experiences or some other informal format. If you have a practice, strategy, approach, or experience to share, please email us a brief description along with your planned format (presentation, document, etc), the lead contact, and the aligned track. Presentations will need to be submitted to the System Office by  September 17.

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