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Momentum Summit II

Momentum Summit II

February 28, 2019 to March 1, 2019
Crowne Plaza Southwest Atlanta (Peachtree City)

Momentum Year is a suite of strategies designed to help University System of Georgia students in their crucial first year of college. We work with students to guide them on a path to achieve their educational goals, including successful degree completion and on-time graduation.

We know that:

  • Predictive analytics and proactive advising help keep struggling students on track toward graduation, saving students money in the long term.
  • Changes in remedial education that include intensive tutoring in conjunction with courses being taken for credit have led to big jumps in student success rates.
  • First-year students who take at least three courses connected to what they think they want to study are 40 percent more likely to graduate than students who do not.  
  • Taking 15 hours a semester improves student success as well as shortening the time to graduation. 

On February 28 and March 1, the University System of Georgia will host the Momentum Summit II at the Crowne Plaza Peachtree City. Building on the experience and successes of the past year, the Summit will provide institutional teams with an opportunity to reflect upon their Momentum Year plans and the work they have accomplished to date and identify what remains to be done in order to fully implement a Momentum Year on their campuses by Fall 2019. 

Additionally, the Summit is an opportunity for institutions to think more deeply about how the Momentum Year integrates across the breadth of a student’s experience in college.  Participants will work through a series of engaging and creative exercises to develop personal plans for action that will inform campus-wide implementation plans.

The Summit is set up for an initial conversation with the Core Momentum teams on Thursday, February 28, with a broader conversation around student Momentum that includes the Core teams and more than four hundred department chairs and deans on Friday, March 1. Friday’s sessions will feature workshop opportunities for each participant to investigate further their role in the Momentum work on campus. 

The core team for each institution should include the President, Chief Business Officer, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs and one to two additional representatives from campus.  It is recommended that the additional team members be selected to represent faculty, advising, institutional research and effectiveness, enrollment management, or other key components of the Momentum Year Plan.

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