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Comprehensive Academic Advising: Campus-Wide Advising Model (Albany State University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Comprehensive Academic Advising: Campus-Wide Advising Model
Momentum Area: 
Change Management
Strategy/Project Description: 

The Campus-Wide Advising Model activity is designed to effectively communicate to students the requirements to earn a degree. Implementing this campus-wide model will position Professional Advisors (PA) as the first point of contact for admitted students who are interested in any program at ASU. PA understanding of the programs allows them to clearly, succinctly, and thoroughly inform students of course overviews, petitioning deadlines, prerequisite courses, GPA minimums, and if applicable clinicals, internships, and program specific standardized exams. PAs will provide support to Department Chairs for each unit they are assigned to and will attend department and college meetings and meet with chairs regularly to stay informed and up-to-date on advising specific majors in the college they represent. For departments whose degrees lead to a licensure, they will keep the current model that includes a faculty advisor at the greater than 60 credit hour mark. To prepare faculty and support implementation of the campus-wide advising model, training will be provided to faculty with PAs.

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 


  • Average Credit Intensity
  • Caseload Contact Rate
  • Academic Standing
  •  Total Fall Enrollment (Headcount)
  •  Fall-to-Fall Retention
  • Graduation Rate

KPIs - Fall 2022 - 5661 total undergrad, degree seeking students

  • Average Credit Intensity – 12.1
  • Caseload Contact Rate -264
  • Academic Standing – Good standing – 3534, Probation - 305
  •  Total Fall Enrollment (Headcount) - 6351
  •  Fall-to-Fall Retention-  Bachelor 78.5%, Associates 66.4% (Fa 21 vs Fa 22 as reported by IE)
  • Graduation Rate -456 total Fall 22 Associate (174) and Bachelor (282) Degrees awarded

Current/most recent data - Fall 2023 – 5881 total undergrad, degree seeking students

  • Average Credit Intensity – 12.31
  • Caseload Contact Rate -243
  • Academic Standing – Good standing –2878 , Probation – 219 (No standing – 1332 due to freshman status)
  •  Total Fall Enrollment (Headcount) - 6601
  •  Fall-to-Fall Retention- TBD
  • Graduation Rate  - TBD

Goal or targets (for each KPI):

  • Average Credit Intensity – 12
  • Caseload Contact Rate -250
  • Academic Standing –Increase in good, decrease in Probation
  •  Total Fall Enrollment (Headcount) - 6800
  •  Fall-to-Fall Retention-Increase
  • Graduation Rate  - Increase

Time period/duration – Measured each fall

Progress and Adjustments: 

We have hired additional staff to help with caseloads. We have implemented mandatory in person advising for on campus students to help with relationship building. We have increased training and utilized different methods.

Plan for the Year Ahead: 
  • Continue to hire for full staff
  • Continually update assessment process to ensure advising is following best practices
  • Offer Accuplacer to assist with overload in support classes
Challenges and Support: 
  • Student motivation
  • Time
  • Lack of clear onboarding process (so worried about getting a dorm that they skip all important steps and end up not being prepared)
  • The knowledge of what’s working at other institutions and receiving positive outcomes.
Primary Contact: 
Sarah Rogers, Director of Advising